About Our Program (13+ Months and Up ONLY)


Honey Bunny Daycare exists to provide a safe, nurturing,  and developmentally appropriate environment for infants and young toddlers. My focus is to provide a stimulating experience which promotes each child's physical, cognitive, and social/emotional development. My hope is to support children's desire to learn and be curious in the world. Because I am bilingual in English and Spanish, I will be very likely in speaking to your little one in both languages.

I emphasize on the development of the following:  self-expression, speech, memorization, creative play, motor skills, social relationships, problem-solving, and eye-hand coordination. My home is set up to encourage your little one to do all of that. As a book lover myself, I also read to the children often. I also have plenty of creative play and toys such as finger puppets, crafts, age-appropriate puzzles and much more to encourage positive learning.

I have a strong relationship with the County of Sonoma and 4 C’s. I am constantly going to community classes and meetings in regards to having a daycare and staying informed on new laws and regulations. I follow a USDA approved food program provided by the county and I am always trying new recipes in order for the child to try new foods. I buy Organic and Non-GMO foods as often as available. My food menu consists of dairy, whole grains, meats, and vegetables. I try my best to keep the foods as unprocessed as possible. I am CPR Certified and Lifescan Screened.


*A common day at the  Honey Bunny Daycare will look like the following:

8:00 Welcome

8:30 Breakfast is served

9:00 Breakfast clean up and first activity (singing, legos, crafts, etc)

9:15 First Reading

9:30 Chorus Time/ Dance/ Body Movement/ Baby Yoga/ Tumbling

10:00 First Reading and Special Project for the Day

10:20 Snack and Beverage time

10:40 Outside Time/ Bubbles

11:30 Lunch time

12:00 Lunch Clean up and Second Reading

12:15 Nap Time

1:30-2:00 Wake up/ Quiet play

3:00 Second snack

3:20-5:00 Free Play/Outside Time/Individual Play