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Thank you for clicking on my Daycare's web page. I hope that you find all of the right information that you might need and if not please don't hesitate in contacting me via email or phone. -Mrs. Lily

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I'm a title

Open Hours:

Monday 8:00 am to 5pm

Tuesday 8:00 am to 5pm

Wednesday 8:00 am to 5pm

Thursday 8:00 am to 5pm

Friday Closed

Letter to Parents:

Greetings Parents!

      My name is Lily and I am the proud owner of Honey Bunny Daycare located on the East side of Petaluma where I live with my husband, Stan and our two young boys, Landon & Lucas.  I consider myself to be a very active parent who is involved in my child's school PTA, sports, and all of their extracurricular activities. I love educating myself on parenting skills, child development, child-friendly crafts, and much more by reading books, attending community classes, reading blogs, and having open communication with peers that are in my work field.

       I opened my own daycare because I genuinely love working with kids. I love their enthusiasm, their energy, and their innocent outlook on life. I love seeing them reach their own milestones and see infants develop into wonderful little toddlers.

       I named my daycare "Honey Bunny Daycare" after the book, "Bunny My Honey" by Anita Jeram. I love reading this book to my own kids because I can relate to the love that the momma bunny has for her child. In the book, the momma bunny makes it clear to her baby boy that she will always be there for him even when she is not. I want my two boys to know that I am always present even when we can not be together  (such as when they are at school, etc). I also want the children that are under my care to know that their parents are always there for them even when they are at work and that they can count on me for any of their needs.

        I have 18+ years of childcare experience and throughout the years I have learned how to manage multiple age groups and give the kids the nurtured care and patience that they so much deserve.  My goal is for every child that comes to my daycare to feel like a part of my family and my home is their home. 

I am looking forward to taking care of your little one and please feel free to contact me for any questions or comments. I will always be available via text, phone, or email.


                                                 Mrs. Lily

Mrs. Lily and her youngest, Lucas.

*Times can be accommodated

based on parent's needs. 

Mrs. Lily and her youngest child, Lucas.
(Picture was taken in 2015)
Mrs. Lily and her entire family. (Picture was taken in 2017)